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Fakenham Town Band


2nd Cornet - Caroline Dawson

Caroline joined the Fakenham Town Band in February 2010 after her children started lessons with the band.
"They kept asking me how to do the notes during practice at home so in early February 2010, I picked up their instrument when they were at school and started to learn their tunes to show them when they need help. After a few weeks I found myself hooked...then the kids suggested I asked if I could come to lessons with them. So nervously I began lessons and then a short time later, I was invited to join in the Band sessions and my learning curve rose steeply."

Caroline learned the recorder when aged about 8 and still plays it to "help de-stress" while the family dog sings along. (Sounds like a Britain's Got Talent act!)
Flute was Caroline's next instrument when aged 11, but confesses that she prefers the cornet now. In addition, she also sang in the church and school choirs.

Caroline likes being in the band because "The band members are so friendly and make you feel so welcome. They are so supportive and always have encouraging words or advice when you need it. I have found it a real confidence boost. I feel like I’m achieving a real personal goal to challenge myself and learn something new. It is such a buzz to play with the band and to hear to lovely sound produced by the band.

On an amusing note, Caroline has really weird dreams before a gig. Dreaming she opens the cornet case to find my cornet missing or the mouth piece gone or that the kids have drawn all over the music.
I'm sure it's only a matter of time before one of the band's practical jokers makes this come true!

Welcome to the band Caroline - we hope you have many years enjoyment with us!

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