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Fakenham Town Band


Euphonium - Julie Long

Julie Long was nearly 14 when she started playing brass in 1986.

She started banding with Dereham Band before moving to Matthew's Norfolk Brass and then on to Fakenham. Julie had helped the band out from time to time and enjoyed the friendly atmosphere. Julie still plays with Matthew's occasionally.

Julie started to play brass on tenor horn (they'd run out of cornets), moved to euphonium, a short period on trombone, then euphonium until it got stolen (likely story!) before taking up the baritone where she has remained (interspersed with digeridoo).

Julie enjoys playing with Fakenham Town Band because of the friendly people, especially the couples and families who make up the majority of the band. She says 'it's good fun'.

When not looking after daughter Bethan, Julie also enjoys swimming, gardening and cycling.

Julie has endless funny storys and recounts of the time she was out playing carols with a band and the accompanying singers accidentally took a different route to the band during a carol, but continued playing.... and the time the band was on a float in a carnival parade and was unable to play through laughing when they got covered in leaves from overhanging trees. The best one has to be when involved in a dramatic performance of 'Mars from the Planets'. The stage was flooded with red lights and smoke for effect. What the producers didn't envisage was that vision would be obscured so much that the players couldn't see the conductor at all.


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