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Fakenham Town Band


Peter Dixon - Solo Horn

Peter started banding in 1985 with Fakenham Town Band.

Since then he has played on Bb cornet for most of the time, the majority of which was in the principal seat. Various personnel changes have given Peter the opportunity to play various other instruments from flugel, horn, soprano, baritone right through to trombone and tuned percussion. Wherever Peter sits in the band, that section 'sings'.

He enjoys the friendly atmosphere in Fakenham Town Band.

Peter is gifted with perfect pitch (he can name any note he hears without a reference note) and this has come in useful on many occasions.

Peter laughs when he recalls the first time he play principal cornet in an East Anglian Brass Band Association contest. When getting ready to play, his music stand fell off the edge of the stage into the display of trophies on the table below - Whoops! We can't remember him laughing at the time though!


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