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Fakenham Town Band


Euphonium - Stephen Baxter

Stephen first started playing brass in 1967 at the age of 4 - ah, bless! As well as his time with Fakenham Town Band, he has had the priviledge of playing at the Royal Albert Hall with the Salvation Army (what an experience that must have been) and has toured Germany with a youth band. Stevie's playing background is with the Salvation Army.

Stevie says that his favourite type of music is what is 'easy to play'! He particularly likes marches and film music. When it comes to being in the band, he most enjoys the friendships within the band - oh, and the food at gigs.... (there's always one)!

Stevie's most memorable banding incident, he recalls marching with the band, when suddenly one of the players lost his false teeth. The players then played football with them until he was able to pick them up - when he promptly put them back in!

Away from the band, Stevie loves motorbikes, and enjoys boxing. He also particularly likes annoying his brother (Paul Baxter) who also plays in the band, on bass - or 'the dark side' as Stevie puts it!

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