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Fakenham Town Band


1st Trombone - Vikki Wakefield

Vikki started, like many young people, on the recorder at school aged about 8. She also played in a marching band where she grew up in the Midlands.

Vikki joined Fakenham Town Band in 1993, at the age of 13. She has played with other bands, including Cromer and Sheringham Brass for about a year (and she still regularly helps them out) and also a spell with East Coast Brass. But she says 'my heart belongs to Fakenham Town Band'.

Vikki has a varied taste in music, which can depend on what sort of a mood she is in! She says it's really anything from jazz and swing, to rock. Speaking about the band, she says that she enjoys the friendshp, and having a group of like-minded people around that she can be a geek with!

Recalling her most memorable incident, Vikki remembers playing a Glenn Miller piece, and Dean Davies was not expecting the rim-shot in Pennsylania 6500 - and jumped about 2 feet in the air! Apparently it became part of the band's unofficial choreography for months afterwards.

Vikki also reminds us that she was lucky enough to meet her husband at band - Danny is a former Musical Director of the band, and regularly helps the band out with engagements.



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